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V-Series Self-Support Towers

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v series
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Featuring a durable lattice construction, V-Series self supporting towers provide excellent corrosion resistance for long-term performance and reliable structural integrity.  V-Series towers can be designed using all pipe legs, ranging in diameter from 2.5" to 12".  V-Series tower designs can also include a combination of breakdown legs and pipe legs.  Antenna transmission lines are run up the towers using a waveguide ladder on the outside face of the tower, or by using transmission line brackets mounted on the inside of the tower legs.

The uniform sections ensure quick assembly in the field, which may reduce installation expenses. Further, the sturdy design is inherently maintenance friendly as personnel can quickly scale the lattice construction. From initial installation throughout the entire life cycle, V-Series self supporting towers are a smart wireless tower investment.

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V-Series custom-engineered towers are an ideal choice for a variety of applications, loads and environments and make a great choice for heavy loads and windy, icy or other extreme environments.
  • Quality structural elements offer superior corrosion resistance.
  • Provides low wind drag while delivering exceptional strength.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM 123 specifications after fabrication.
  • Standard hardware includes ASTM A-325 high-strength bolts, heavy-hex nuts and lock washers.
  • Welded by AWS D1-1 certified welders.
  • Licensed engineer sealed prints (P.E./S.E.) available for all 50 states.
  • Heights up to 400’ and base width up to 60’.
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