900-Series Communication Towers

Microflect Self-Supporting Wireless Towers

900SU-Series Tower
900 Series
900SU-Series Tower

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The 900-Series Microflect Towers are engineered for maximum value and design flexibility.  The 900 is a multi-form structure that employs a wide variety of components to configure the tower for its specific purpose.
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The legs of the 900-Series towers are tubular steel construction to provide the most efficient use of material for the application.  Every 900 is custom designed for specific load and environmental requirements, with heights up to 300 feet. 

  • Single-member sections reduce ice accumulations and lower wind loads.
  • Efficient shipment, easy storage and fast assembly.
  • Component sections are pre-engineered and detailed to ensure quick drawing turn-around for permitting purposes.
  • Easily accommodates Valmont's full line of tower accessories, including rotatable top platforms, low-profile platforms and rotatable frames.
  • Waveguide ladders are attached to tower diagonals to simplify erection and reduce tower weight.
The optimal choice for supporting microwave dishes and other heavy-duty wireless communication loads, Microflect™ self supporting towers feature a robust construction, which meet or exceed the latest ANSI/TIA standards.
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