Valmont Disguised Towers for Concealment Applications

Camouflaged Wireless Communication Poles

Tree Pole
Tree pole
Disguised Tower
Cell Tower-Grand Island Baptist Church in Grand Island-Florida
Disguised Tower
Tree Pole
Disguised Tower
LC 02
Tree Pole
palm tree
Tree Pole
396.Mt. Vernon
Disguised Tower
Tree Pole

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Today’s municipalities and permitting groups can make it difficult to obtain approval for wireless communication infrastructure in areas where aesthetics are of high importance.  For these situations Valmont offers creative solutions designed to blend in with the landscape and the surrounding environment.  
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Growing in popularity, tree poles may be a great option for your application.  Monopines and monopalms, made to resemble palm trees and pine trees, combine an aesthetically pleasing design with the latest technological advancements.  Other past projects include disguised water towers, clock towers and poles featuring religious symbols, both concealing unsightly antennas and other wireless equipment.  Contact your Valmont representative to get more information on disguising a tower for your next application.

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